Ever wondered what it would be like to date one of those hunky stars of screen? Find out which celebrity actor you would be perfect with now!

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If you find yourself watching a movie to a television show and leave it feeling those tingly butterflies for the leading man, you wouldn’t be alone. Falling for these famous actors is part of the territory and terribly easy thanks to their looks, charm and complete unattainability. Come on, let’s be honest here, that is one of the greatest draws. Imagine though, for just a second, if your dream of dating Mr. Perfect became I reality. Who do you think would be your dream date? Who comes to mind first? Can’t choose? That’s no problem, because we’ve stepped in to help you make that call. Who would you be so lucky to spend some time with? Would it be the captivating Leonardo DiCaprio? The fun and artsy Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Maybe you’d like to be whisked away by the mysterious and smoldering Idris Elba? Or the classic dreamboat of Ryan Gosling? Would it perhaps be Will Smith’s big personality that charms you? Or maybe the chiseled perfection of Joe Manganiello? Let’s find out who your dream date would be!

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