Imagine you had the opportunity to date one of those beautiful and talented leading ladies up on the big screen. Find out which celebrity actress you would be perfect with now!

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If you’ve ever watched a movie or a television show and fallen head-over-heels in love with the leading lady, you are not alone. It’s easy to fall for a famous actress, they are beautiful, talented and, let’s be honest, almost entirely unattainable. We always want what we can’t have right? But what if you really did ever have the incredible opportunity to date one of those fantasy women? Imagine no longer! We are here to give you all the answers and let you know which lovely lady would be your lucky date. Would you have the pleasure of taking out the breathtaking Angelina Jolie? Or the incredibly talented Sofia Vergara? Maybe you’d lucky enough to land a date with Emma Watson? Maybe the hilarious Jennifer Lawrence? How about inviting the incredible Kerry Washington around? Or perhaps you’d be so lucky as to have the pleasure of sharing a date with Olivia Munn? Let’s find out now shall we?

Ever wondered which famous actress you’d be perfect with? Take our special personality Quiz to find out which star of the big screen you should date now.