Superheroes save the world, but villains have more fun! Find out if you would fight for justice or bring destruction to Gotham!

Which Batman character are you?
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What would a hero be without villains? Just an ordinary man. All the heroes and villains of Gotham have a unique ability to cause mayhem. Some of them embrace the crazy, others are actually misguided in an attempt to do something good. What makes each Batman character so unique is their special personality. Some fight the crime, others see it as a tool to make profit. Whatever it is, the best villains and heroes are the ones that are relatable. They represent us with all the social boarders stripped away. So whom would you be, if you were crazy and submerged into the dark and dangerous streets of Gotham? Would you fight for justice and bend the rules to achieve it? Would you try to make some money through a crime? Let’s find out if your personality would turn you into Batman or his biggest nightmare!

Being a superhero is a lot of work, so it’s no wonder so many Gotham citizens with special abilities decide to take a walk on the dark side. Take our special personality Quiz to find out if you would bring chaos to Gotham or fight it with all you have.