Enter into one of the greatest fantasy epics of all time and find out which character from The Lord of the Rings franchise you are most like now!

Which Lord of the Rings character are you?
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My precious! Who doesn’t live the epic fantasy adventure that is The Lord of the Rings? This highly popular award-winning franchise is beloved the world over and filled to the brim with unique and fascinating characters. From Frodo, the brave little hobbit who has vowed to make his was to Mordor to destroy the ring, to Legolas, the ethereal and highly-organized Elf from the Woodland Realm. Gandalf the Grey is the all-powerful wizard, without whom none of the adventure would even have been possible. Aragorn is the rugged and dutiful man at the helm. Let’s not forget about the ladies, like the fearless and warm Arwen. Maybe your favorite character is the direct and brash dwarf Gimli, whose friends and family make up the entire prequel franchise, The Hobbit. Find out which of these characters you are most like now by taking our specially tailored Lord of the Rings personality character test. You may be surprised to find that your favorite may not necessarily be the one you are most like. This is about a personality match that may shock and amaze you!

Ever wondered how you’d fare in Middle Earth? Take our special personality Quiz to find out which character from the franchise you are most like.