Kids are some of the greatest gifts that life could give you. Find out how many you should be having now!

How many kids should you have?
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Oh, the beautiful gift of life, children. Some people will just have one, others will have dozens. Most people who decide to have children, decide to do so because they love children and want to carry on their family name and genetic code. Others opt to focus on careers or other aspects of their lives that they feel kids would get in the way of. It appears as though people are having less and less children. In countries like Germany and Japan, there are so few children being born, that it is turning into a crisis with an ever-aging population. There just isn’t anyone to take care of them! Initiatives have even been set up I countries like Denmark to encourage people to have more kids. In 2014 Danish travel agent Spies Rejser offered families a free “child-friendly holiday” and a following three years of baby supplies to anyone who conceived a child during one of their holidays. So have we got you convinced? Now let’s find out how many children you should be having!

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