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Your favorite school subject can say volumes about you, your personality and vice versa. Those who love mathematics tend to have a more analytical and logical mind. They are the kind of people who can remain calm under pressure. Those who loved lunch time above all else are not the kid who like to be tied down and take a traditional path in life. History lovers are romantics, people who love the great tales of heroes and the dramatic retellings of others. If geography is your pick, you are an adventurer, someone who loves to travel and meet new people. The ones who love art are highly creative and like to be hands-on. A desk job just won’t cut it for these kinds of people. Finally, there is physical education lovers. If P.E. is your favorite subject, you are high-energy and full of life, the kind of person who can’t ever just sit still. Log in and find out now if we can figure out which school subject was or is your favorite based on your personality.

There are ups and downs for everyone in school, but we all have our favorite subjects. Log in to our special school subject test to find out if we can figure out what your favorite class was.