Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones. Find out who you are at the Thanksgiving dinner table NOW!

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Every family is different with their own unique quirks and particularities, but some things are the same across the board. It seems as though just about every family has a chef, a food-lover, someone who loves a glass of wine (or five), a bundle of emotions, an opinionated mind and a sports fan. All of these special personas all come together in one place and at one time around the Thanksgiving dinner table. The only question left to solve is, who are you? You may think you’re one persona, but others may see you as another. You may be shocked! Log into our special Thanksgiving personality test to find out NOW!

All families are different, but some things are the same all around. Take our special personality Quiz to find out what persona you fit at the Thanksgiving dinner table.