Languages have long preserved centuries of culture and traditions alive through the ages. Find out which language you should learn next now!

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It is estimated that there are about 7,000 different languages spoken around the world today. It is believed that more than half of these languages have no written form and are instead passed down through the generations orally. Although English is the one of the most widely spoken, and the official language for numerous medical, scientific and political sectors, about 75% of the world’s total population cannot speak it. For some people learning a foreign language comes naturally, and isn’t all that difficult. For others, it is a more stressful process. Research suggests that the three hardest languages to learn are Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Some people are able to master several languages at once. These uniquely talented individuals are known as polyglots. The Guinness World record holder for the most languages spoken is 58 and is held by a man by the name of Ziad Fazah. Fazah is able to both read and speak 58 total languages including Arabic, Thai, Norwegian, Turkish, French and Russian. Think you can beat his record? Let’s find out which language you should start with. Will it be Finnish, Swahili, Irish Gaelic, Urdu, Latin or Catalan?

Languages are the gateway to new experiences. Take our special personality Quiz to find out which language you should start learning now.