Finding the perfect animal companion is hard work. Pets can be he perfect companion or the biggest nightmare to take care of. Find out what kind of pet can fit your personality now!

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If you’re looking to get a pet, or thinking about it, we are here for you. Maybe you are thinking about getting a dog? They are man’s best friend after all, and who doesn’t want that kind of love and loyalty? The majority of pet owners in the United States have chosen cats over dogs, making them the most popular pet in America. If you agree with that, then maybe you should get yourself a cat? If both those are little too big and needy for your taste, a rat may be the solution. These compact little creatures may be smaller than a dog or cat, but they are just as cute and hugely entertaining. How about looking to the skies and getting a bird? Birds are the perfect pet for the outdoorsy type of person who dreams of flight and is looking for a highly intelligent pet. If all these just sound too average to you, a snake may be just what the doctor ordered. Nobody average has ever purchased a snake, no way. Ok, so snake not your thing? How about a fish? These aquatic pets are some of the most underrated pets out there. They are beautiful and so serene to look at, the perfect pet for anyone looking for something that is low-maintenance and yet a special addition to the family. So what will it be? Can’t decide? Let us help you! Take our specially designed pet personality test and find out if you would be ideal as a dog, cat, rat, bird, snake or fish owner!

Domesticated pets have been around for centuries and centuries. Dog, cat, horse, fish, whatever, they are always there to give love and comfort to their lucky owners. Different pets suit different personalities best. Take our special pets test to see which one would suit you best!