Staying active and getting out is crucial to human health. Many people take up sports to fill that need. Find out which sport is best for you now!

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Different sports fit different personalities. Some, like swimming, bowling, track and field sports, snow sports, and gymnastics are individual sports, better suited to introverts. They are also better suited to people with highly individualistic personalities. Team sports like ice hockey, American football, lacrosse, water polo and soccer are all sports that are better suited to people with more outgoing and communistic personalities. Those with more aggressive personalities may opt for something like ice hockey or combat sports. Those who seek adventure and adrenaline could take up kayaking or rock climbing. Those more reserved may try their hand at boating or golf. If high-energy sports and active movement isn’t really for you, maybe you’d like to turn to chess or croquet. The opportunities are endless. The most popular sport in the world is soccer, but is it the right one for you? Find out if you are best suited to soccer, American football, skiing, swimming, tennis or golf!

With so many different sports out there to choose from, it may be tough to find the perfect one for you. Take our special personality Quiz to find out which sport best fits you and your personality.