Which superpower would fit you? There is a hero locked in all of us and to every hero there belongs a fitting superpower. Find out which one fits your personality now!

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If you have ever wanted to walk through walls or stretch your body out to extremes, you are certainly not alone. Just about every kid, and let’s admit it, a few adults, have dreamt about having a superpower. One of the most popular ones is invisibility. How great would it be to be able to listen in on other people’s conversations and sneak in and out of places without being noticed? What about flight? The idea of being able to take to the skies, feel the wind blowing through your hair and being able to go just about anywhere with ease is naturally desirable. Others would wish for mind control above all else. Mind control would give you the ability to compel anyone to do anything and to move objects with your mind. I mean, The Force, hello! If you’ve got a case of Wanderlust, maybe you’ve dreamt at some point of teleportation. The ability to go anywhere at any time with just a snap of your fingers is a dream to anyone with the travel bug. If travelling isn’t really your thing, maybe you’ve dreamt of shape-shifting. Ever wondered what your dog sees? Or how it would feel to be able to scurry around like an ant outside? Then shape-shifting may be for you! Finally, if you’ve ever felt you were born in the wrong decade or wanted to right a few wrongs in the past, then you may have wished for time-travel. Find out which superpower fits to you now with our special personality test.

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to take flight, or walk through walls, you are not alone! Take our special superpower test to see which superpower fits to your personality best!