We all have to be born somewhere in the world but sometimes our bodies and souls can originate from different places or maybe your soul truly belongs somewhere else! Some lucky people have already found their perfect place where their bodies and souls both fit. Find out which country your soul belongs to now!

Which country does your soul belong to?
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Our souls are our essence; they make up who we are. We may come from one country on one side of the globe, but our soul may come from an entirely different one. Each country represents different personality types and different values for our souls. Maybe your soul belongs in the United States of America. That would mean that you are determined and ambitious. Or maybe it truly belongs to the England, meaning your soul is stable and grounded. Perhaps it belongs to the Bahamas. Who wouldn’t love to go there? Your souls belonging to the Bahamas means that it is bright and optimistic. Your soul may truly belong in Switzerland, the neutral land of mountains and valleys. Belonging to Switzerland would mean that your soul is adventurous and loyal. Maybe it belongs in Australia, meaning that it is wild and free. Or maybe it belongs in Brazil. A soul that belongs in Brazil is one that vibrant and full of life. Finally, your soul may belong to the great nation of Japan. A Japanese soul is one that is known for being very calm, serene and refined. Wait no longer and find out which country your unique soul truly belongs in between the United States, England, the Bahamas, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil and Japan.

Our souls are the essence of our beings and make up who we are. We may come from one country, but our souls may be from another. Take our special personality Quiz to see where your soul really belongs to.