So many young children have dreamed of being a Disney princess. Find out now which Disney princess you are!

Which Disney princess are you?
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Being a Disney princess is every little girl’s ultimate dream. They’ve got it all: the dresses, the air, the beauty, the adorable sidekick, and that all-important one true love. Each and every one has her own personality and fits into a different mold. Cinderella is poised and kind. She has been beat down by her evil stepmother and stepsisters for so long and that has turned her into a stronger spirit. Ariel is a dreamer; she longs for something far greater than what she has been given. She is adventurous and stubborn. Jasmine is the beautiful headstrong hopeless romantic whose life is filled with mystery and intrigue. Mulan is tough. She is not the damsel in distress type and would never back down from a fight. Belle is the reader of the bunch, she is highly intelligent and a serene spirit. Pocahontas is a free spirit and always on the move. She follows her heart but always listens to her head. So which of the fairest ladies of the land of Disney are you? Are you more like Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Belle or Pocahontas? Find out now!

Find out which dreamy Disney princess in the fairest of the land you are. Take our special personality Quiz to find out which Disney princess you are.