The right music can feel like it speaks from our heart. The choice of a genre is not just about taste, it’s also about your personality. Find out which music genre you are NOW!

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If you go into detail, there are too many music genres to count. On the surface there might be the simple ones to identify like classical, hip-hop, country, pop, indie and heavy metal. Pop might not be for everyone, but it is popular and always guaranteed to pick you up. Country will not take itself too seriously and mix some great lyrics with catchy banjo tunes. Classical music often gets a bad reputation for catering to the snobbish crowd, but have you noticed how basically every breathtaking original score can be described as ‘classical’? Personal tastes aside, this test will tell you which music genre actually matches your personality.

Listening to the right genre can make you feel like someone looked into your soul and put all your emotions into perfect words. Take our special personality Quiz to find out which music genre you are.