There are so many ways to become famous nowadays and reality TV is one of them. Find out which reality TV show you belong on now!

Which reality TV show do you belong in?
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Reality television has existed as long as the entertainment world has. Unlike scripted sitcoms and dramas, reality television is just that, reality. The shows are unscripted, the drama and emotions are totally real, and by now, we’ve seen it all. We have watched groups of strangers piled into a mansion together and watched them argue their way through. We’ve pinned competitive dancers, singers, artists, designers, models, athletes and travelers against each other and subjected them to public votes. We have followed families and friend groups through the ins and outs of their daily lives. We have witnessed homes being torn down, rebuilt and flipped. We have seen amateur chefs, home cooks, professionals and kids cook up a storm in competitive kitchens. You name it, it probably exists. Nowadays it seems like just about anyone can become a star through reality television, so it’s only natural that you may have wondered which one could be your vessel. Do you think you belong on survivor? Or maybe travelling the world on the Amazing Race, or finding love on the Bachelor and Bachelorette? Maybe you’d be best on the big stage at America’s Got Talent or frying up some treats on Masterchef? Perhaps you would just be best in a house with a few others just living your life like on Big Brother. Let’s find out now shall we?

Reality television is all over and covers a wide range of interests. Take our special reality television Quiz to find out which reality TV show you belong on.