Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Why should I take an IQ test?

IQ tests are known for their accuracy when measuring intelligence. They measure logical, mathematical, spatial and verbal comprehension skills to provide you with an IQ score on completion that gives an accurate indication of your ability to reason and think critically. What is important to understand about IQ tests is that they do not measure the amount of information you have learned in your life, but rather, your ability to learn. IQ tests are sometimes used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of potential employees and are still used widely by employers to find suitable candidates. An IQ test does not, for example, measure your musical or artistic talents, as skills in the creative fields are more subjective.

How does the IQ test calculate my score?

Each question is weighed, based on its difficulty level, so that questions with a higher difficulty level are worth more towards your final result than those with a lower difficulty level. Your final IQ is then calculated using the total points from each correctly answered question. This IQ score is then compared to other users who have been tested on our platform and placed on our bell-curve IQ scale to demonstrate where you fall in relation to the average test-taker.

What does the IQ certificate look like?

Your certificate is personalized with your name and last name and emailed to you as a high-quality PDF, which is also available for immediate download.

IQ certificate from online IQ test with high IQ score of 160

What can I do with my IQ test results?

Once you have received your certificate, you can include it on your resume as proof of your cognitive abilities. You can also add your certificate to a portfolio of your personal achievements as supporting evidence of your intelligence and include it in applications to join groups, societies, or communities. Please note, however, that most high IQ societies, such as MENSA, require you to take their own tests under specific test conditions.

Can I join IQ societies such as MENSA after taking this IQ test and scoring in the top 2%?

Qualifying for IQ societies such as MENSA comes with its own set of prerequisites. For example, MENSA IQ tests are supervised. Anyone can take a MENSA IQ test, but you would need to take the test at one of their established test centers. MENSA does provide practice tests for you to take, but the scores you achieve on these tests are intended for giving you an indication on whether you could qualify to take the official test.

What cannot be assessed through traditional IQ tests?

Skills which are creative in nature (i.e. musical or artistic skills) are not assessed by traditional IQ tests. You can take a look at what a traditional IQ test looks like in our article on ‘IQ tests and the types of intelligence they measure’. Additionally, emotional intelligence, is not measured by an IQ test, but by an EQ test (emotional intelligence test). While your IQ score does provide you with an indication for future success, you should also take into consideration that there are various factors at work when it comes to measuring your unique skills.

What does the bell-curve mean for IQ scores?

IQ tests like the Wechsler Intelligence Scale are generally designed to have a score average of about 100. This makes IQ score distributions look like a bell curve, as you can see below.

IQ scale in blue color showing IQ score distribution

As you can see from the graph above, 14% of people fall below the average, 32.5% fall on the average (between the range of 80 and 100) and a further 32.5% score above the average. There are a gifted few of just 14% who manage to score above 120 in the IQ test and only 2% fall into our highly gifted range of 140-160.

How do you increase your IQ?

It is possible to increase your IQ by taking intellectual training exercises that are geared towards developing your cognitive skills. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can boost your IQ:

  • Memory games (card matching, jigsaw puzzles)
  • Brainteasers (Scrabble, crossword puzzles)
  • Visual and spatial training exercises (3D model games, spatial exercises, mazes)
  • Relational training exercise (object comparisons, numeric reasoning)
  • Language challenges (reading, language exercises, synonyms/antonym comparisons, learning a new language)

Can I take the test again?

Yes, you can take the test as many times as you like! However, in order to see your score and obtain your certificate, you would need to pay the fee at the transaction page each time.

What should I do if I do not get my certificate?

In order to receive your certificate on completion of the IQ test you must first make the specified payment on our transaction page, using one of the approved payment methods as outlined. If, on entering your payment details and clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button, you are not re-directed to your certificate, it may be that the payment has not been successful. In this case you will see an error message and the money will not be taken from your account. If, however, the payment has been successful, but your certificate fails to load, this may be due to a connection error. In this case please contact our premium-support account with your name and time of issue and a member of our team will be in contact to help you with your query.

I accidentally closed my browser in the middle of the test. Is my progress saved?

Unfortunately, if you accidentally closed your browser in the middle of a session, your progress has not been saved. In order to get your result, you will have to start the test from the beginning. Please keep in mind that you should give yourself 30-60 minutes to complete the test and you need to do it in the same session (as if you are in a controlled environment).

Where can I find a practice IQ test?

There are various, however uncertified, practice IQ tests available online. If you would like to sharpen your cognitive skills, you might like to try one of these free IQ tests which are available for you to take anytime:

Are there IQ tests for children?

Yes, there are many free and fun IQ tests for children that are available online. These tests are designed to make learning both enjoyable and challenging for your child so that they can familiarize themselves with standardized IQ test questions. Remember, IQ scores can be improved through regular practice and by doing brain-training exercises. Be sure to give these tests a try!

  • IQ Test for Children: Children learn by doing and by developing their skills through innovative ways of learning. This IQ test is designed to help your child understand both common and unusual concepts and develop their thinking skills.
  • Interstellar IQ Adventure: A new, innovative, and exciting way to calculate intelligence, get an IQ score and train your brain!

Why is the test so long?

In order to give you a truly accurate result, we need to assess your cognitive abilities across a broad range of categories (i.e. verbal comprehension, analytical thinking, problem-solving, pattern recognition, and spatial reasoning) and difficulty levels. We therefore require that each test-taker answers all questions in one session. Only by doing this can we provide a truly accurate score and breakdown of your performance. Please rest assured that none of our IQ test questions ask for any private information.

What happens if I experience technical difficulties?

If you experience any technical difficulties or encounter any problems while taking the test, then we are always here to help! Contact our premium-service account and a member of our team will get in touch shortly to help you with your query. To help us support you as efficiently as possible, please take a few minutes to include the following information:

  • Tell us the type of issue you have questions about (i.e. payment, page not loading, or other)
  • Give a short description of the issue
  • The time and date of the issue
  • The browser (i.e. Google) and device (i.e. mobile/desktop/tablet) that you were using when you encountered the issue