Burnout Self-Test

Modern working life has become increasingly stressful to many of us, with a turbulent economy, decreased job security and ever-growing demands lurking in the back of our respective heads as constant reminders that bringing home the bacon is no piece of cake. In this environment, cases of work incapacity due to burnout are increasing. Are you worried that this might happen to you?

With this self-test, you can assess your risk of burnout. Just answer the following 25 Yes/No questions as spontaneously as possible. You might consider some of these questions not easy to answer in yes-or-no terms – just pick the option that you feel most closely matches your situation. At the end, you will be given an estimate of your personal risk. Keep in mind, though, that this test doesn’t substitute medical advice. If your risk factor is high or you feel uncertain, you should seek out a health professional.

Even though you can burn out in every kind of job, some professions are at higher risk than others. Teachers, social workers, doctors and nurses as well as police officers are particularly prone to burnout.