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Take the GMM Premium IQ Test to find your true intelligence potential. The average IQ is set at a score of 102 and where you fall on either side of this will indicate your performance compared to other test participants. We use an IQ scale ranging from ‘highly gifted’ to ‘lower extreme’ to classify your results and measure various aspects of intelligence, including visual perception, logical reasoning, pattern recognition and verbal comprehension, to calibrate your score. Take the IQ test now to discover your exact IQ score and see how you rank among other high intelligence users!

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  • # 50 Questions

    Specifically designed to measure intelligence

  • # 3 Million+ satisfied users worldwide

    With an Avg. IQ score of 102

  • # Fast & Accurate

    Online tool developed in Germany

How is IQ measured?

The IQ test measures intelligence by focusing on your ability to learn effectively, think logically, understand complex ideas, and solve problems. Your IQ classification is derived from how you perform in different areas of testing and your result is compared to other users in order to calculate an accurate overall IQ score.


“I got 150! My brain hurts, but I love these challenges! It was really FUN!! Love these!”

Rebecca Y.

“I got 137! Marvelous, as I’ll be 90 in July”

Sheila B.

“A great test and an excellent result. Very happy. Thank you!”

Giovanna L.

“Very well-structured test, thank you!”

Rob H.

“Great test that gave a lot of insight into my abilities. Would encourage anyone to try it”

Liam R.

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01 Discover your exact IQ Score:

On completing all 50 questions, we’ll calculate an accurate IQ score and classification based on your performance across the different test areas.

02 Collect your IQ Certificate:

Celebrate your achievement with our digital IQ certificate. With score included, this unique certificate can be personalized with your name and is available as a pdf for download or via email.

03 Your result breakdown:

Gain detailed insights and tips through a comprehensive breakdown of your performance in each test area.

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Can IQ Increase?

Plenty of studies suggest that brain training can boost intelligence. Through regular exercise and mental workouts you can strengthen your cognitive skills and in turn your IQ. Our premium IQ test will help evaluate your performance in different areas of intelligence so that you can identify your strengths and the areas that you need to work on in order to improve your score.

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