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How our online IQ test measures your intelligence

The GMM Premium IQ Test accurately measures intelligence by assessing your ability to correctly answer questions on pattern recognition, visual perception, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and verbal comprehension. Our carefully-curated questions vary in difficulty and are weighted accordingly. Your IQ score is then derived from how you perform in each area of testing. It’s that simple! You can discover your true intelligence potential and how you rank on our official scale by taking the test today!

Why so many people choose our premium IQ test

  • Clipboard with multiple-choice IQ test questions and a pen 50 Questions

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  • IQ test-taker sketch and their IQ score in a speech bubble Access to your IQ score

    And premium features, including the IQ Certificate

  • Certified online IQ test emblem in white and blue Tested by 3 Million+ satisfied users worldwide

    Discovering their intellectual strengths and weaknesses

IQ scale and average scores from the Gimmemore online IQ test

The IQ scale explained and what your IQ score really means

The average IQ score for our premium IQ test is set at 102. We use an IQ scale, with a standard deviation of 20, ranging from ‘lower extreme’ to ‘highly gifted’, to calibrate your IQ score in comparison to other users. People who score above the average are classified as above average, gifted, or highly gifted on the bell curve. Only 0.5% of users achieve a score above 150 and fall into the upper bracket of highly gifted.

Can my IQ increase?

Simply put, yes! Taking an online IQ test will identify your strengths and weaknesses in different areas of testing and will provide an accurate IQ score to determine your current state of intelligence. There is significant research to suggest that through regular brain-training exercises and practice questions, you can boost your intelligence levels and ultimately raise your IQ score! Activities, such as playing Chess, solving Sudoku puzzles, or learning an instrument, work to strengthen the brain and improve the cognitive skills needed for specific areas of intelligence.


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Rebecca Y.

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Sheila B.

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Access a range of premium features

01 Discover your exact IQ Score:

On completing all 50 questions, we’ll calculate an accurate IQ score and classification based on your performance across the different test areas.

02 Collect your IQ Certificate:

Celebrate your achievement with our digital IQ certificate. With score included, this unique certificate can be personalized with your name and is available as a pdf for download or via email.

03 Your result breakdown:

Gain detailed insights and tips through a comprehensive breakdown of your performance in each test area.

How to take the Premium IQ Test

The Premium IQ Test can be taken online on any device. It consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in one session and cannot be paused. In each question, you will be given four possible answers to choose from. The test is not timed; however we recommend allowing at least 30-60 minutes to answer all questions. You cannot skip questions and come back to them later, however you can take the test as many times as you like.

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