Which color is your aura?

Without even knowing it, your body gives off brightly colored luminous radiation known as an Aura. This Aura is an expression of your power and energy. Each color means something different. Take our test to find out your Aura’s color.
All living things on the planet that need oxygen to live, have an aura. This aura, is an electromagnetic field that surround the individual and gives off a light. It doesn’t necessarily take someone with special powers or training to read an aura, just about anyone can. Have you ever encountered someone you just got a bad feeling from? Somebody who you felt generated feelings of anger, rage, or frustration? Then you were reading that person’s aura! You also have your own unique aura. Many spiritual experts who believe in and study auras, maintain that others affect your flow of energy. Somebody may walk or brush past you and unintentionally take some of your energy. A grab of your hand or arm may ever completely disrupt the flow of energy surrounding your body. You may begin to feel this intrusion when you get the feeling that they are too close to you, or in your personal space. These auras come in many different colors which symbolize various things. For example; the red aura belongs to those who are enthusiastic and energetic; the yellow aura to those who are analytical; the pink aura to those who are loving and giving; the green aura for the creatives; the orange aura for those who are social; purple for the philosophers; and blue for the masters of communication. Let’s wait no longer and find out what color your aura is now!

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