What Type of Lightworker Are you?

Maybe you’re a Gridworker or a Seer, or maybe you’re an Energy Transmuter or a Healer? Lightworkers are spiritual beings in human existence sent here to heal the planet and to transmute negative energies. Many Lightworkers are here on Earth with the specific purpose of using their special gift to heal, teach, counsel, write, and enlighten others. As Lightworkers, we each have a mission to complete and it is important to understand more about the type of Lightworker you are so that you can use your energies to achieve positive things. Take the test and find out What Type of Lightworker you really are.

All Lightworkers have the ability to heal others and themselves, but how they choose to go about this is completely up to them. Many Lightworkers experience a lot of pain early in life, this is so that they can evolve their empathetic qualities and understand others who have also experienced pain.

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