Could You Win an Oscar?

Have you stockpiled your popcorn yet? The 91st Academy Awards are just around the corner and will undoubtedly entertain us with the cream of society walking the red carpet in ravishing garbs, heading towards a ceremony that you can expect to be absolutely amazing and present the very best films Hollywood can offer. Wouldn’t you like to be part of that; to be praised and honoured for your mesmerising artistry and hard work? Well, careful. All that glistens is not gold and while raw talent and a perfect delivery certainly help, they hardly guarantee success. Behind the glorious façade of artistic patronage, the Academy has very specific tastes and the jurors want to be flattered and their goodwill campaigned for. Are you willing to put up with this? Do you have what it takes to win an Oscar? Find out with this short test!

Don’t get us wrong: the fact that corporate campaigning has a huge influence on Oscar wins does NOT mean that the nominated films are secretly bad – they’re usually high-quality productions with great artistic value. The same goes for the respective actors, directors and the countless artists that help put the magic on the screen.

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