Twin Flame Test

The twin flame relationship is not a regular soulmate relationship. It is the type of relationship that is sheer bliss in one moment then devastating in the next. However, if you’re in a twin flame relationship, chances are that you already know it is not an easy ride. What starts off as a union of two souls, becomes turmoil and inner purging. Our twin flame forces us to change our old or outdated ways of thinking and acting. They shine a light over our lives and expose our insecurities, fears, doubts and everything else that has a use-by date. They don’t do this because they want to see us in pain, they do it because they believe in us and want us to become the best version of ourselves. When our core wounds emerge, the time for cleansing and healing becomes imminent. For some, the journey is long, and the runner-chaser phase of the relationship takes its toll and causes a lot of heartache and pain. Some twin flames leave one another, only to find each other again over several years. Some twin flames are already in attached relationships or live on the other side of the planet – forever hindered and strained until finally, the challenges are resolved, and the darkness dissipates. The end of the journey is union and many twin flames choose to go on a ‘Mission’ together to benefit the world in some way, such as finding a shared meaning, a passion or a cause they believe in together. Everyone strives for the last stage, but there are signs which can tell you exactly where you are in your twin flame journey right now. Use this test to find out how close you are to the final stage and IF what you’re experiencing is actually twin flame love.

Twin flames choose to incarnate together. They share a core of identical energetic frequency. When you meet your twin flame, the feeling is more than just butterflies in your stomach. The pull of the connection is so intense that many twin flames report feeling physically sick or dizzy after the meeting.