The Classic IQ Test

Take our free and instant IQ Test today! Do you belong in the top 3% of the population? Take our IQ test and find out now! The test contains 40 unique questions which test your logic, linguistic, cognitive and spatial recognition skills. At the end of the test you will get an accurate and free IQ score based on your performance.

Our free IQ test measures your intelligence by testing your logic, reasoning and pattern recognition skills. Test questions ask you to find solutions to a number of different challenges which determine where you are on the IQ scale and whether or not your score puts you above the average. Our free online IQ test will give you a fast and accurate IQ score based on your ability to think logically, reason, and solve problems.

IQ Scale: What is considered a good IQ score?

The test is completely free, and at the end you will get a score which shows you where you are on the IQ scale. The current average for standard IQ tests reveals that that approximately two-thirds of test-takers achieve a score from 85 to 115. If you can score higher than that, you might even qualify for MENSA. MENSA is an organization created for people with the highest IQ scores in the world. Potential members must score within the top 2% on a standardised intelligence test. That means to join the club you must obtain a score of 130 or above!

Is it possible to increase my IQ?

Did you know that your IQ improves when you practice doing IQ test questions and brain training exercises? It has also been proven that people score higher in IQ tests if they are feeling physically fit and have had the amount of sleep that their body requires.

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A score above the average of 85 -115 indicates gifted intelligence and a score above 130 demonstrates a genius intelligence - both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking had an IQ of 160! Find out if you have the IQ of a genius by taking our free online IQ test today.

Did you know that your brain makes up only 2% of your body weight and yet uses up 20% of your energy? Since our brains are 73% water, this means that it only takes your body to dehydrate by 2% for you to start noticing an impact on your attention, memory and cognitive skills. Want to improve your IQ? Drink some water before you take our free iq test with instant results