The Home Repair Quiz

Do you spend your days watching re-runs of “Grand Design” with ambitious, yet somewhat unrealistic renovation ideas… or do you roll up your sleeves and take tasks into your own hands? A great handy-person certainly possesses that go-getter attitude and requires a wealth of skills to handle the complexities of a home project - from leveraging abilities in problem-solving, mathematics, and science, to having an active passion for manual labor and safety measures. In our 15-question quiz, we’ll find out if you have enough techniques in your DIY repertoire to master the trade, or if you’re actually heading for a DIY disaster. You might even learn something along the way…

The arts and crafts movement was founded by William Morris in the 19th century, after he became exasperated by mass-produced products. He wanted people to create their own furniture and designs, so that homes could become unique and personal.

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