Professor Snape’s Potions Test

Welcome Potterheads! Today is the day you’ve been preparing diligently for: it’s the final exam of Potions Class. You’ve been under Professor Snape’s tutelage for years now and, although he might not show it often, he rates you highly. Hopefully you’ve been paying attention at Hogwarts for you’ll need to know all about the curses, spells and characters in the Harry Potter universe to pass this. Can you attain Snape’s seal of approval and become the next Potions Master? Good luck on the test—try not to bottle it.

Have you heard of the Erumpent Potion? It is made from parts of the Erumpent, the huge African magical beast that resembles a rhinoceros with a roundish body. If you get your hands on an Erumpent horn and tail, you can create something highly explosive when touched by an outside source.

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