The Intriguing Unsolved Mysteries Quiz

The world is full of mystery and only the naive would believe we can explain all around us. Mysterious disappearances, other-worldly phenomena, oddities, and bizarre cases fascinate our curious side with that touch of conspiracy and macabre. Even modern science and technological advancements can’t seem to bring to light the clues needed to unravel the world’s most baffling unresolved mysteries. Are you a fan of true crime and the unexplainable? Divulge us with your sleuthing expertise and expose these haunting 10 cold cases in our Intriguing Unsolved Mysteries Quiz!

Percy Harrison Fawcett was not just an explorer, but a soldier and mystic, who many say was the inspiration for "Indiana Jones." Fawcett had heard stories of an ancient civilization buried deep in the Amazon jungle, full of mysterious monuments, crystals and glowing towers. After some encouraging initial finds, he became obsessed with the mission and decided to set out on a full campaign with his son Jack and Jack’s school friend. Some 400 miles along, Fawcett ordered his Brazilian assistants away and penned a letter to this wife telling her: “You need have no fear of failure.” Nothing more was even heard from Fawcett, Jack or his friend, and dozens of recovery expeditions proved fruitless.