Halloween Quiz: The Cauldron of Creep

Boo! It’s that eerie time of the year when creaky doors and dubious footsteps seem to linger in your presence a bit too close for comfort. Are you set for the scariest holiday? We’ve prepared a ghoulish 20 question Halloween quiz for you misfits out there, and just like your trick-or-treating hauls, it’s an assorted bag of teasers. Put on a mask and take a deep breath, for your flesh might crawl as you enter the Cauldron of Creep Halloween quiz.

Owls had a really bad reputation in medieval Europe. People were terrified of them because they only appeared at night, had piercing eyes, and an unsettling ability to turn their heads all the way around. They were said to be witches in disguise and hearing them twit-twoo was considered a portent, as it meant that someone was about to meet an untimely end.